Angels Above You – Can You Feel Them Near

There is evidence that there are angels around us. You might see evidence of angels above you in the form of a feather, a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye or a voice urging you to do something.

Signs From The Angels

Ever wonder if angels exist? Do you remember seeing a feather lying around? How about that warm feeling when you entered a room?

There are lots of signs that angels are around us. Feathers, butterflies, birds, scents and pennies to name a few.

Have You Seen The Signs

  • Feathers of many colors are sent to show the angels are near. White feathers are a sign that you have been visited by an angel.

  • Pennies are often left by angelic visitors to console those who find them.
  • Butterflies are often sent by our lost loved ones to let us know they are nearby or that they are alright.
  • Robins are symbols that a deceased loved one has visited and show up in the same garden year after year and reassure those who see them that their loved ones that have passed are still near.
  • Scents that are familiar might signify that a deceased loved one has visited.

Can You Feel Angels Around You

Certainly you have felt a warm feeling while looking at an old picture of a loved one who has passed away. What about the voice you hear while trying to solve a problem?

I Saw A Sign Today

I was thinking about my blog while I was taking out the trash. On my way to the dumpster, there it was on the ground anchored by who knows what, a fluffy white feather. The angels are around me.


Angels are around us all the time and show us in many ways they are near. The angels are above you.





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