Angels Watching Over Us – Look for the signs

We are always watching our surroundings. There are lots of inputs. Feathers, money(coins as well as paper), familiar smells, and rainbows are signs of angels watching over us. Stay alert. Look for the signs.

Feathers Are Flying

The feathers you might see while walking to the car or maybe on the way back from the store could be a sign from the angels watching over us. What color was the feather?

White perhaps – one of the more common colors thought to be a sign of protection and faith. It could also be your Angel telling you that your loved ones in heaven are okay.White feather

  • Black – a sign of protection from your Angels. They are here to repel negative energy and guard you. You’re being protected by someone you loved and lost.


Finding feathers is a true blessing and a sign of love from your Angels, no matter what the color or meaning. I found a small white feather on the ground yesterday while on the way to the Minit Market. Once inside the store, I purchased a few lottery tickets. After arriving home I scratched off one of the tickets and discovered I had won a hundred dollars.


Money On The Ground

You saw a penny lying on the ground near your car. A sign from your angel that they are near and that you are loved, supported and guided.

When you find a coin along your path know that it was deliberately placed there.


Did You Smell That

Have you ever noticed a sweet smell that you couldn’t readily identify? Some scents often remind us of a loved one that has passed on. A mild hint of your grandmother’s perfume could mean that her spirit is right there near you.


The chocolatey smell could be a hint that your Guardian angels are nearby. Maybe even the smell of flowers indicating your Archangels are near.  


Rainbows As Signs

Know your prayers have been answered if you have asked for angelic assistance and shortly after, you see a rainbow appear.

If you have asked for a sign or you’ve been thinking about your angels and a rainbow suddenly appears, it’s likely that your angels are confirming their prescence. Rainbows are Divine Love symbols.


There are many signs of angels watching over us everyday such as money you might find laying on the ground, rainbows you see in the sky, faint scents or odors you might smell, and feathers you might see to name a few.

Be on the lookout…. you’ll see the signs.




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