Are Angels Watching Over Us – I Have Seen Evidence Of It

I have seen evidence that the angels are watching over us. There was an awful accident on the freeway in Los Angeles in December 2012 involving my nephew. He suffered a broken neck and was hospitalized.

Signs That The Angels Are Watching Over Us

My nephew could not talk at all when I went to see him in the hospital, he could only blink his eyes to answer when any one spoke to him. The angels were watching over him because he was not killed in the accident only bruised and battered.

There are lots of signs that angels are watching over us. Feathers, butterflies, birds, scents and pennies to name a few.

I Have Seen The Signs

  • Feathers of many colors are sent to show the angels are near. White feathers are a sign that you have been visited by an angel.
  • Pennies are often left by angelic visitors to console those who find them. I find them often.
  • Butterflies are often sent by our lost loved ones to let us know they are nearby or that they are alright.
  • Robins are symbols that a deceased loved one has visited and show up in the same garden year after year and reassure those who see them that their loved ones that have passed are still near. I saw some robins in the parking lot last week when I visited the bookstore.
  • Scents that are familiar might signify that a deceased loved one has visited.

You Can Feel Angels

Certainly you have felt a warm feeling while looking at an old picture of a loved one who has passed away. What about the voice you hear while trying to solve a problem? That funny feeling in your stomach when trying to figure which item to choose in a store or which loaf of bread to try with your diet.

I Saw A Sign Yesterday on the Clock

I was looking for something else to watch on television and as I looked at the cable box there it was 11:11 on the display. What does that number mean? Some say that angelic beings are close by. You are sent a divine message that you are the creator of your reality and you need to take responsibility for it. The cellular memory is reactivated within you whenever you see 11:11 and you have this feeling that you remember something that you have long forgotten. You’re on the path of awakening. Follow your passion and you will find your purpose.


Are angels watching over us? The answer is yes. Angels are around us all the time and show us in many ways they are near.

If you would like to find out more about how to connect to angels there is an audiobook available for purchase.

Please let me know if I can help in any way.

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8 Comments on “Are Angels Watching Over Us – I Have Seen Evidence Of It”

  1. Yes. I agree. We have angels watching over us and protecting us. God has them in place to help in His work. It sounds like you’ve led a life of blessing in being able to experience angels first hand. I often think people just need to pay attention to all of the blessings we have from God in every single day.

    1. Be alert while doing your daily activities and I am sure you will see a sign of some kind. A small feather, a coin, a bird or maybe a repeating number on the clock or on a receipt such as 11:11, 222 etc.

      Keep the faith Remy.


  2. Hi Billy I read your profile on WA of which I am a member too. I was wondering when someone clicks on the link below I presume once they are re-directed there is a book or something they pay for which is where you make income ? Thanks.

    1. Hello Ed. I am working on the moneymaking aspect of my blog. I appreciate the comments and will look into the link you reference.
      Thank you.

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