Signs Angels All Around You – Did Someone Think You Were Their Angel

There are many signs Angels All Around You. Familiar aromas, money you might find, different kinds of birds, or a rainbow you might see.

Did Someone Think You Were Their Angel

My wife and I were shopping on the base one afternoon around Christmas. We were buying gifts and food for the holiday.

We were about to leave the parking lot when my wife spotted a purse in a shopping cart. She had seen two women putting their items they had purchased into a SUV a little earlier.

When I returned to our vehicle, she told me to get the purse out of the shopping cart and get going so we could catch up with the two women.

We caught up with them and got their attention. My wife told them that we found a purse in the shopping cart that they had been using.

They were mother and daughter and were so happy that my wife had found the purse. The mom asked us to wait in the parkinfg lot for a few minutes because she wanted to get a gift for my wife.

We waited for a few minutes and the mom returned to our vehicle and presented my wife with an angel. She told my wife she was her guardian angel that day.

A perfect example of Angels all around you.

Angels All Around You As Numbers

Numbers that you all of a sudden see are also signs that the angels are here. 1, 11, 111, and 1111 are some of the common numbers revealed to loved ones.

Angels All Around You As Birds

A bird just flew over the hood of the car and lit on the ground. I watched it peck around on the ground. Then it flew away. Unable to identify what type of bird it was.


Smell That?

Was that a whiff of my deceased dad’s after shave lotion. He’s been passed away for 13 years now. I walked toward my hallway and smelled a faint odor of powder that my mom use to use when she was getting ready for church.


There are all kinds of signs that angels are all around you. Birds, number patterns, Aromas and feathers are signs of angel visits to us.

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